- Patrick K. O'Donnell / Historian

Patrick K. O’Donnell / Historian

Patrick K. O'Donnell

Patrick K. O’Donnell
is a historian, public speaker, and bestselling author of 13 books and scores of films and documentaries spanning the American Revolution to the Battle of Fallujah. He is a leading expert on America’s elite and special operations units.

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The Unvanquished is an Amazon and Barnes & Noble Best Seller

“Told from the eye level of the saddle, seasoned with a dash of early John le Carré, Mr. O’Donnell’s work beautifully brings a covert Civil War out of the shadows.”
Wall Street Journal

"[A] rip-roaring account from bestseller O'Donnell."
Publishers Weekly

“The Unvanquished is a spectacular book from one of America’s finest historians. After years of deep research, Patrick K. O’Donnell has unearthed a magnificent Civil War epic. Beautifully written, every page shimmers, thrusting the reader into violent clashes on horseback, commandos operating in their enemy's uniform behind the lines, or the intrigue and interference in the election of 1864, as O’Donnell resurrects an unknown shadow war. Mesmerizing, action-packed, and original, this triumphant narrative is destined for the screen. Impossible to put down.”—James L. Swanson, Edgar Award-winning, New York Times bestselling author of Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer

“One of America’s great military writers captures the story of one of the Civil War’s most important specialized counter-irregular units. The story of the Union Army’s Jesse Scouts and their hunt for John Singleton Mosby’s Confederate Partisan Rangers has longed deserved detailed treatment...This is my new favorite of Patrick K. O’Donnell’s works.”—Dr. Barton A. Myers, Professor of History at Washington and Lee University, and editor of The Guerrilla Hunters: Irregular Conflicts During the Civil War

“Combat writing at its best.” —Wall Street Journal

“A great American writer.” —Clive Cussler, New York Times bestselling author

“A riveting page turner..” —John Stryker Meyer, Author of Across the Fence

“One of the world’s preeminent military historians.” —Military Review, U.S. Army

“One of the best historians of his generation.” —Washington Times

The Unvanquished is Selected as Amazon’s Best History Book for May

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